The island of Naxos


We created a Best Of list of Naxos island main attractions and activities in order for you to enjoy and experience, what else, the best of Naxos.

Best of the Naxos Capital: The Chora of Naxos is the main attraction and just 4 km. from Villa Montana. The Portara, the part of the temple of Apollo, at the port, the Venetian Castle, archaeological sites, museums and galleries are built harmoniously with shops, restaurants and cafes to enjoy every step and minute you spend in the Chora of Naxos.

Best of Naxos Sightseeing: The Temple of the Goddess Demeter in the village of Sangri, the big statues of Kouros on the village of Apollon, the Towels and the mansions scattered all over Naxos are what you should not miss for any reason.


Best of Naxos


Best of Naxos Tastes:

The unique Citrus of Naxos gives a very special liquor that you have to try. On the other hand, the cheeses of Naxos are products of the long tradition in cheese making in Naxos. The potatoes, the meat and the fresh fish are completing the gastronomic proposals of an island that will fulfil you with its tastes and delicious dishes.

Best of Naxos Hiking:

If you are an experienced hiker then start from Filoti village to the top of the mountain Zas. After a 3 hour walk, you will enjoy the best views to the island and the Aegean Sea. If you just want to discover the nature of Naxos then let the manager of Villa Montana to suggest the best nearby hiking routes.

Best of Naxos Water Sports:

If you are looking for fun under the sun with jet ski, water ski, parasailing and many more then in the beach of Agios Prokopios and Agios Prokopios (just  500m. from Villa Montana) you will enjoy all your favourite water sports.

Best of Naxos Scuba diving:

The beach of Agios Prokopios was the old port of Naxos hence shipwrecks are still on the sea bottom ready to reveal their secrets and be discovered by people who love diving.